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Pomarazzi Pomeranians 630 618 7203 My mom is 82 and I am in my 60's We do not have many Pom puppies anymore, For a vairiety call Pomazazzi

920 838 1159 Debbie My Dad is 414 507 4909 Milwaukee

Our Newborn Family Member with SCWT as a friend! Welcome little Olivia!

EXAMPLES Of Our Beautiful NON SHED Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

Cheerful, Playful Breed.  Irish Breed.These are an example of our SCWT.  We have occassional litters.  They go quickly.  They are the National Breed of Ireland!

Another Child Angel is the Arms of Our Lord. 4 year old little Preston James Winslow.

Little Preston James Winslow passed away May 19, 2012 at 1:45 p.m. took his last breath and went to heaven.   He will forever be missed and loved his Loving Parents, Sisters, Relatives, Friends and all those whos precious life he touched.  He had acute myeloid leukemia.  Donate Please  account # 1010128753985  wachovia wells fargo bank.  Preston Winslows account.  Please pray for all ill children and angels in heaven.   Please read about our angel.                             

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